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a 'fresh' approach . . . with hook . . line . . and sinker!!

Dedicated to community-certified, traceable, seafood. Supporting the southwest fishing community to ensure fair prices and a sustainable future.

Rediscover local seafood...#buyfresh

Limited edition, Provenance tag - continuing the story.

We wanted seafood lovers to continue the story. At SWFish we can tell the story from the moment the fish is caught right up until the customer receives it. How the customer prepares it and eats it, is usually unchartered territory to us. So by using the new provenance tag and a smart phone, we want people to express there love for locally caught sustainable fresh fish. Tweet using #SWFish and your tweet and photos will be displayed here! How will you eat yours?

Don't forget the Provenance tag is a usable piece of fishing tackle, so the Story doesn't stop there, get catching and show us what you caught!

The Sustainable Market Stall

We wanted to show people how easy it is to buy local and help support their local fishermen. We set up the sustainable market stall at Crocadon Sawmill in St Mellion. We sourced crab from Phil Trebilcock (loyal partner) in Newquay, cooked it, picked it and prepared it. Made up several limited edition dressed crab, sandwiches and wraps. My Mum even cooked several crab quiche's using a traditional family recipe.

Our passionate volunteer team arrived with the authentic pop-up stall, and spent the day promoting local seafood, encouraging the less adventurous to try something different! All the proceeds we made were donated to the Fishermen's Mission in Newlyn. An extremely worthwhile charity who step in when fishing families need support.

We absolutely loved it and are looking forward to being back at Crocadon next month

Traceability - Contibutors

Phil Trebilcock

Skipper of Loyal Partner PZ 30 out of Newquay. Phil is a strong advocator of sustainable, traceable shellfish. No stranger to BBC Spotlight, once donating a "mutant crab" to Newquay's Blue Reef Aquarium when discovered in his pot.


Andrew Jinman

Newly trained fishermen and founder of swFish. He believes in telling stories to make change happen. Fishing and Farming runs through generations of the family, driven by a passion for food, SW traditions and social change.


Janet Jinman

Andrew's mum! She has over 30 years in the food and catering industry. She is renowned for supplying the local hotels, restaurants and businesses with some of the best local foods known to our villiage. and now she's turned her hand to seafood in aid to promote local fishermen.


Steve Hains

Steve is passionate about the sea, diving and story telling through video. He aspires to combine his passions. He has produced content for most of the main TV channels in the UK. Now lending his knowledge to support the southwest fishing industry and coach young people in film making.


Ben Pascoe

Ben lives for the sea, surfing and photography. Passionate and focused he will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot. In his spare time he helps teach young people how to take quality surf photos, while promoting responible, respectful attitudes towards the sea.


Gregg Painter

Qualified photographer and amateur film maker. Gregg has been involved in projects throughout the country but his heart lies in the South West. Always looking for creative opportunities, he joined the team to help support his local regional community.


Paul Messenger

Digital designer who is passionate about all things design and creative. Having recently relocated back to the southwest from London he wants to help the southwest 'up it's game' via great design.


Robert Newbery

Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) Entrepreneurship and Development at Plymouth University. Head of research, supporter of alternative business models and social enterprise.

*A percentage of all proceeds go to the Fishermens Mission and the South West Handline Fishermens Association. Additional costs for P+P (see checkout)

Sustainable business centered on ideas and the mutual transfer of knowledge

  • Traceability - Discover the journey. Meet the fishermen and see the impact.
  • Sustainability - Defining what it means to catch seafood.
  • Employability - Every crab picked in the southwest is money into our local communities.
  • Services - Adding value being collaborative not competitive.
  • Passion - Brought together to help the community, united by our passion for the fishing industry!!


SWFish Registered CIC

The southwest fishing industry is a major driver to our local economy. Not just in the fishing industry itself but in complementary services and industries. A prosperous, sustainable fishing industry will lead to long term employment opportunities for both local people and graduates from regional Universities.

Our fishermen across Cornwall and Devon are extremely responsible, and environmentally concise. They are hard workers and take the brunt of any financial set backs due to.. Quota complications, poor catch, bad weather, poor fish prices and changing consumer habits.. Fishermen go to extraordinary lengths to ensure we get the finest, freshest seafood on our dinner plates.

They care about the sea and how it is farmed because its their livelihoods! What we would like to see is a more sustainable industry, supported by the wider community, where fish is sourced responsibly, more money retained into our local economy, leading to more quota, more fishing licenses and a prosperous industry. Where fishermen have more control over the decisions that directly affect their businesses.

Through swFish we wanted to bring together a unique blend of skills, expert knowledge and passion. Grounded by creativity, new ideas and alternative business thinking, using modern Technology. We aim to add value to the industries own initiatives and ensure sustainable growth and good prices into the future.

Find us at Corcadon Producers Market .

Pop on down to discover your local fishing community and try some of the regions finest local seafood.

Fling us a fish.. Get in touch and discover your local fishermen!

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